The last time Maggie Campbell and Alexandra Blake worked together, they both received two-week suspensions. This time it's worse. Read and Download Online Unlimited eBooks, PDF Book, Audio Book or Epub for Read Ice [Book] by Lyn Gardner. Title: Ice. Author: Lyn Gardner. Synopsis. Lyn Gardner's first full-length novel demonstrates what a great writer she is. Well written and edited, despite not having a publisher, ICE is a.

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Ice. Lyn Gardner. Click here if your download doesn"t start automatically Download and Read Free Online Ice Lyn Gardner. From reader reviews. Read "Ice" by Lyn Gardner available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. **Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Book. Lyn Gardner | The Guardian Lyn Gardner Lyn GardnerAn Independent Author: Lyn Gardner: Books, Biography, Blog Lyn Gardner (Author of Ice)Goodreads.

Once I started, I just could not put it down. Jul 14, Diana rated it really liked it Recommended to Diana by: This is a very enjoyable story with a good mix of angst, funny, sweet and hot moments. And the complicated situations the main characters go thru the most part of the book are the reason this couple could acknowledge their real feelings.

This event gave the This is a very enjoyable story with a good mix of angst, funny, sweet and hot moments. This event gave them the chance to really get to know each other and intensified the undeniable spark and attraction that had always existed between them since they worked for the first time, but due to their attitudes, fears and differences it was something they never allowed to grow in the past, until now. Only after this difficult situation, life pushes them together in a tragic journey where they have no choice but let their barriers fall down and act upon their real feelings.

The chemistry between them is really appealing and engaging despite their stubbornness and discrepancies, in fact, I think their personalities spiced the romance and the story up.

Also, their relationship was properly developed justifying the growing feelings and attraction for each other. And even though the development could seem a bit slow, I think it was well worth it. The secondary characters contributed funny, sweet, heartwarming and even some unnerving moments to the story, which eventually added an interesting element to the story, being a relevant part thereof. View all 8 comments. May 04, Cee Jelly rated it it was ok Shelves: This book has a nice premise, but everything else is either weak or mediocre.

The writing is messed up in places, povs are switched too suddenly, the narrative just can't decide on whether to call people by their first or last names. Expositions are really stale, and dumping expo into characters' dialogues doesnot in any ways make it better. And that is just minor annoyances, the real beast that ruined the book for me is the romance. I honestly think that making the women love each other before t This book has a nice premise, but everything else is either weak or mediocre.

I honestly think that making the women love each other before the accident is a bad idea.

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It's just Lyn taking the easy path there. But leaving bias aside, the women's reconnection isn't that good either. Maggie's fever is the worst plot device ever. Alex had already done all the hard survivor stuff before Maggie came to her sense deus ex machina-ly, whatever I guess God heard the prays. So the women never experienced hardship together, it was just Alex facing the hardest parts alone. Yes, Maggie tended to Alex's wound, too.

But then they were already fairly safe and comfortable, no fighting storms together here. That is a lot of missed opportunities for heart-wrenching bondings.

Don't tell me you don't want a whole sesion of "overcoming hatred to fight storms for survival, saving each other's lives then falling in love in the hashest situations ever". Instead of that, we are given "Alex did the hard part while Maggie was unconscious, hatred cleared easily because turned out they loved each other all along, then it's honeymoon in snow.

But that's what sad about potentials, they stay only wishful thinkings. What an excellent book! I really enjoyed every page. I was sorry when it ended. Great characters, great story and great chemistry. It was exciting, romantic, funny and sexy.

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A real page turner! This was the first book I read by Lyn Gardner, but after this book I want more. I'm curious about the book: Give Me A Reason, this book also gets a lot of good reviews. Ice is now in my favorites list and I will definitely read it again. I think the cover of Ice is very beautiful. View 1 comment. May 30, Female Person rated it did not like it Shelves: I can't believe someone published this.

This story is more suitable in a fanfiction website.

Actually I've read better fanfictions. Nov 13, Anja rated it it was amazing. This book was an unexpected gem of a find. It was really well written and an absolute page turner from the first page right through to the very last. I simply couldn't put this down until I knew the outcome. This is a story of survival against a back drop of ice and freezing temperatures. The scenic descriptions had me shivering although I was cosy and warm in my home.

I loved both these characters, they are multidimensional and a delight to get to know. I particularly liked the way they set out h This book was an unexpected gem of a find. I particularly liked the way they set out hating each other.

But out of hate as many know, comes love. I often feel there is a fine line between the two emotions. This is really well portrayed here. It was a pleasure to read as Maggie and Alex's story unfolded. They interacted so well together, even when they hated each other. The few other minor characters add to the story to progress it forward to it's conclusion.

Then of course, there is the romance. Slow and burning until it comes to the boil. Then it's hot, sizzling, smoking hot. The story wasn't predictable to me. I liked the tension throughout and the way the book concluded.

I like to have all the ends tied up and they were. Although I have to say, I'd dearly love to see these characters again. They have a lot more they can say. Feb 13, Iara rated it it was ok Shelves: Alex being able to do all that with her injuries is not realistic.

Their wounds being perfectly fine after all that is not realistic. Them being in love with each other for 3 years after working together for 2 weeks is unrealistic.

Going from arguing to calling each other sweetheart in a night is not realistic. I could keep going. I had high hopes for the book based on the premise but I was very disappointed with how it was all developed and written. That paired with thinly veiled biphobia made me not like it much when I was ready to love it. Sep 26, Zingari rated it it was amazing Shelves: This has been in my want-to-read for some time.

I wish I had read it sooner. This was such great story telling by the author. I didn't want to put it down. I loved the two main characters, and I loved the story. This will definitely be read again. I don't have much to say because it was just simply that good.

I will say though, that after waking from a nightmare I thought back to the ending of this book and it eased my stress quite a bit. I was able to smile a little, and that's not usual after suc This has been in my want-to-read for some time. I was able to smile a little, and that's not usual after such a night. The most surprising to me was how they survived. I'm with Maggie on this one. Alex is stubborn, and in that moment if you read it then you'll know what I mean she was truly some sort of heroic knight.

I wasn't expecting the amount of faith these two had, even in such a predicament. If you haven't given it a chance, then I sincerely hope you do. Dec 30, Rebecca rated it really liked it. Really great romance for cold winter nights. Sep 22, Inkmarks OnEmptyDreams rated it it was amazing.

Alex Blake and Maggie Campbell are police officers in the same station, but in different teams. Alex is a former model, stunning attractive and with a temper that blows your mind and patie "Ice" is one of my favorite LGBT books so far. Alex is a former model, stunning attractive and with a temper that blows your mind and patience because of her short temper and stuborness, she disobeys any rule and lives and works after her own rules. Her soft side is shown through Sadie, her terrier that she loves so very much.

And her broken heart suffers after being together with a woman that ended up cheating on her with a man and Alex swore she would never love a straight woman….

Born and raised in Surrey, she had grown up among the rich and famous, and before she had reached the age of eighteen, two modeling agencies had offered her contracts. Tall, slender, with eyes the color of cinnamon and cheekbones to die for, she could have easily graced the covers of numerous magazines without a care in the world, but Alex did care.

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She cared too much. Sitting around the breakfast table discussing the world with her parents, she learned of the wrongs and rights. She saw the grainy photographs in newspapers and read the words, and they horrified her. It chose her. So turning her back on the glitz and glamour of monthly publications filled with makeup advertisements and emaciated models, after graduating university, Alex joined the Metropolitan Police Service.

In fact, she was an excellent cop. When it came to aiding victims, Alex was as caring as a mother would be to her newborn, but when it came to the criminal element, she was not.

Driven, stubborn, and willing to cross the line if need be, more than once, her desire to catch the felon overshadowed acceptable operating procedures. Her overzealousness resulted in formal reprimands being placed in her file on more than one occasion, and once, her inability to control her temper resulted in a two-week suspension. However, Alex had a saving grace, and she knew it. She had the uncanny ability to study a crime scene and memorize every single detail.

On occasion, her unorthodox methods would send shivers down the spines of some, but her drive and attention to detail had earned her the respect of not only her peers, but also her supervisors. They had learned to accept her quick temper and sharp tongue, and so had her friends. Privately, Maggie is straight and lives with Glen whom she lives with in her home. Born and raised in Scotland, she was the daughter of an Air Force Group Captain, and her upbringing had been regimented and directed toward the military.

However, during her years in university, she developed a passion for the law, and after graduation, she took a job at the Met. Like most, she started out as a Constable, but her drive and hard work enabled her to climb the ladder faster than her colleagues.

Although she longed to continue her education at night to obtain the law degree she so desperately wanted, the demands of her job and her boyfriend, more often than not, got in the way. Quit that bloody job. Alex and Maggie met three years before and the next mission happens three year after. For fourteen days she worked the case like she had been taught, and surprisingly, things went rather smoothly, but on the fifteenth day, everything went to shit.

The force of the slap that followed sent Alex Blake to her knees. She had always longed to hold Maggie close, and now she would hold her for eternity. Holding her breath, she said a prayer and flipped it over. Thank you, God! Thank you. Thank you! Yet, this tragic accident and the given circumstances make them know each other in different ways.

Yet, she falls for Alex, the person and the woman and the police officer.

I loved how actually Maggie makes the first move and her need to explore her feelings for Alex makes a great twist and the days and nights that will follow is a wonderful passionate romance, I enjoyed very much the chemistry between them, the breathtaking passion and the unforgettable love , the dialogue and the suspense on the turning point. Arriving home she asked him to move out for good as she has done it earlier.

She gets it and goes to Alex. Years before she had done everything in her power to prevent it, but as she lay in the snow, straddled by the most stunning woman she had ever met, Maggie could no longer deny what she wanted. Mar 16, Celina rated it liked it Shelves: I mixed up with book with another. Because kept waiting for the bad guys to happen, but they never came. With made me realise that I had mixed it up with another.

The mixed POV was definitely not my cup of tea. It was a good book though. Feb 28, Asli Fratarcangeli rated it really liked it. What an incredibly well written, romantic novel! I've read romance novels before and have enjoyed them; but there's something about the way that Lyn Gardner writes! She is able to bring up such fierce emotions in her characters From the overwhelming fear brought on from the plan crash, to the fierce love and passion that are shared by Maggie and Alex.

I enjoyed how Maggie and Alex are total opposites, and yet they complemented each other famously. In some ways, they are very similar as well.

I loved the strength, hope and acceptance that each of their families have. Despite all things each woman has very loving and supportive parents, which is so comforting, and speaks volumes on the power that love has.

Overall, I thought that this book was so well written and truly an amazing love story between two people who overcome the most unbelievable odds, and survive. Their love and passion for one another, is one that would rival any epic love story. And the obstacles that they had gone through was scary as hell! Feb 03, Cornelia rated it it was ok. Honestly, I only got through half the book before giving up, and what I did read could easily be summed up as Lesbians Suck at Medical Care.

The pacing of the book is seriously off. Why would I want to read page after page with cruddily performed medical assistance? Did the author even look at online resources before writing this? Also, if an unsanitary metal object impales your leg, you are not likely to then Honestly, I only got through half the book before giving up, and what I did read could easily be summed up as Lesbians Suck at Medical Care.

Also, if an unsanitary metal object impales your leg, you are not likely to then be able to just tear it out and walk around for a few hours extra. Cleaning the wound with melted snow from a bucket will just guarantee the gangrene. I am finished.

Sep 29, DeAnn Burnett rated it really liked it. Why fight the inevitable? There is no denying love. When you have it for another person it becomes so clear. This book shows how no matter how hard you try to fight it eventually you can no longer deny it and have to succumb.

Mar 18, Kennedy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Enjoyed the characters and the story. Strong and confident women that found their way to each other and love. Romance novels, with exceptions, seem to be relatively repetitive in at least one way - they might not all get there the same way, they might have a million and one variations, but they tend to follow a certain path.

Two people occasionally more, but I do not tend to read love triangle books, and rarely poly books circle each other for most of the book, and even if they 'come together' as a couple fairly early on in the book, that doesn't remove the book from the repetitive cycle. Some include a chapter or two in an epilogue section that follows the couple as a couple.

As a fully formed entity. Some don't have that epilogue. Romance novels tend to get around this relatively repetitive trap of having the majority of the book being about the formation of a couple-hood instead of being about a couple as a combined entity through two to three means - A create a series wherein the couple in book 1 can show up as a fully formed entity in book 2 but are not the main characters see such series like Soho Loft, that Shifter Universe by Jae, the two series by Lynn Galli Virginia Clan and Aspen Friends etc.

C is something like a trick - have romance elements but put the book in a different genre - which the fanfiction by Fletcher DeLancey involving Star Trek Voyager mostly is - Science Fiction with very strong elements of Romance. Or be like two of Galli's books - follow the same couple, but add an element, the second book changes the normal emotional 'things' that wrap themselves around a couple and slam against them, and wrap themselves, instead, around family - so it's a two book series involving a Romance, and something else Slice of Life?

And when I feared, as I occasionally fear, how this specific author was going to 'mess with' the couple, I kind of wanted it to end there. I'm really really glad that the book did not, in fact, end there, though.

However they get there, the books are about the formation of a couple, not about a couple living their life after formation of their relationship. Then spin the second book out as a sequel.I really enjoyed this one as did millions of others, obviously and, with this installment, I am definitely seeing why this is such a be Loved this book.

You will be hooked from chapter one and will not be able to put it down till the last chapter. I truly enjoyed this one just like her other book "Give Me a Reason.

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I bow to her awesome sense of setting. Intelligent, perceptive and at times disobedient, Alex Blake does what she believes it takes to do her job. Diana is an unemployed former prison officer she had been a prison teacher, but that position got removed so she moved over to prison officer, but learned she didn't really like being a guard. Damage Control. Just for Show. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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