Chris Carter is a top bestselling author in the United Kingdom, whose books include An Evil Mind, One Chris Carter Author . cover image of Die stille Bestie. Bücher bei Jetzt Strategy: Theory and Practice von Chris Carter Detective Robert Hunter Band 6: Die stille Bestie (eBook / ePub). Chris Carter. 3. Apr. Folter: Thriller (German Edition) [eBook site] pdf epub ebooks download free, download more free pdf, epub ebooks of Die stille Bestie: Thriller (Ein Hunter- und-Garcia-Thriller 6) (German Edition) eBook: Chris Carter.

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5 days ago Read online, or download in secure EPUB formatCover has some rubbing and edge wear. The Secret History Of Las Vegas Abani Chris, The Theology Of The Die Herstellerzertifizierung Nach Din En 1 Normen Handbuch, .. Lucky Stars 1 The Best Friend Wish Bright Phoebe Donnelly Karen. Born in Brazil of Italian origin, Chris Carter studied psychology and criminal behaviour at the University of Michigan. The Death Sculptor .. Die stille Bestie . Read online, or download in secure EPUB formatPatty Loveless sings Pretty Polly. Demons Are A Girl S Best Friend Wisdom Linda, A General Theory Of Die Rolle Der Markenpersnlichkeit Fr Die Kommunikative Fhrung Einer . H Andbook Of Palliative Care Faull Christina Carter Yvonne H Daniels.

I'm deleting my original comments, which basically said it was derivative of Silence of the Lambs and badly written, and I will write a new review when I've finished it, which at the rate I've devoured the previous five won't be long This is definitely my least favourite of the series.

In a switch from the format of the previous stories, the killer is caught in the first few pages and the subsequent action consists of him slowly revealing the extent of his crimes to the FBI. I didn't really find any of this credible to be honest.

An Evil Mind

He was some kind of mastermind psychology student who decided to turn to sadistic murder as an experiment: I do believe ordinary, rational people can kill fairly easily, but I don't believe they would be able to torture someone in the most heinous ways out of little more than curiosity.

Human nature doesn't work that way. Besides my doubt about the whole set up of the plot, I frankly found Lucian and his tale of evil boring. There was far too much talking and not enough action, and when the action did come obviously Lucian manipulates the FBI into letting him out so he can take them personally to one of his victims who might still be alive , it was as unrealistic as the rest of the story.

However, it's three stars because I did finish it; it is part of a series, and I still like Robert Hunter as a main character. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher for my honest opinion. Where has Chris Carter been hiding?! I cant believe I've never read his work before.

This is the rapid page turning psychological suspense I love to read. There were no slow parts. This my be my first Chris Carter read but it won't be my last. Jul 30, Raven rated it it was amazing. I can confidently say that after the slight disappointment of One By One, Carter is back with a bang and with An Evil Mind there are shocks aplenty in store for the reader. An Evil Mind is cited by the publisher as drawing most closely on indivi This is the sixth outing for LAPD detective Robert Hunter and as many people know, one that I have a particular affection for, having previously reviewed The Death Sculptor , The Hunter and One By One , and having read all the books in the series to date.

Combined with the strength of the narrative, and the oh- so teasing mini-cliffhangers, that he inserts at the end of nearly every chapter, An Evil Mind does metaphorically grab you by the throat from the outset, and spirals the reader into a miasma of violence and depravity from start to finish.

From the very start, the reader is absolutely shaken and stirred by the events that follow. For my money, Carter has written one of the finest opening chapters that I have read in terms of shock value. The transition from languid breakfast time in an all American diner to the impact literally of a freak occurrence that heralds a shocking opening to the book, is beautifully played out.

I will only hint that not all people keep a spare tyre and tools in the trunk of their car! As the owner of said car, Lucien Folter, cannot help attract the attentions of local law enforcement, but on his arrest, says that he will only speak with his former friend and detective, Robert Hunter, and so the game is afoot. What follows is a titanic mental battle between the evil, clever and highly manipulative Folter, and Hunter, a man incredibly pre-disposed to navigate and decipher the actions and motivations of some of the most disturbed individuals with his innate intuition in relation to the darkest human psyches.

As quickly as Hunter appears to break down the twisted actions of Folter, in a series of claustrophobic encounters with fascinating and entertaining verbal sparring, Folter begins to resemble an evil onion, with layers of perversity and wickedness that are revealed piece by piece. Folter has prepared a whole series of unique and nasty surprises for both Hunter and the FBI team, that Carter unleashes with a superb sense of pace and timing, so much so that as each chapter ends only the strongest reader will resist the temptation to stay firmly rooted to the spot to continue reading.

Hence, I will reissue my standard warning that this book is not for the faint hearted or the easily spooked. The interaction between Hunter and the FBI team, in particular, the feisty agent, Courtney Taylor, more than compensates for the lack of Garcia, and Taylor definitely added a different frisson to the narrative, which lightened the overall darkness of the plot.

As the book rattles towards an incredibly tense, violent and exciting ending, the torment that Folter projects on Hunter and the team is nerve shredding and simply brilliant. I liked this book very much, providing as it does, not only a tense and disturbing thriller, but in its perfect placing of brutal shocks reveals itself as a violent flight of fancy, that entertains throughout.

View all 9 comments. Robert Hunter is ready to leave on vacation to the lovely isles of Hawaii when he get called into the office by his boss, the FBI wants a word. Earlier in Wyoming an accident reveals the gruesome content of a car that is being hit. This book is not so much about the chase of a serial killer, they have caught him already.

And he wants to talk but only to Robert Hunter. The problem is that the culprit is a person from Hunters past and before the book has finished he has raised havoc in Roberts past Robert Hunter is ready to leave on vacation to the lovely isles of Hawaii when he get called into the office by his boss, the FBI wants a word. The problem is that the culprit is a person from Hunters past and before the book has finished he has raised havoc in Roberts past and present.

This book is about what makes a serial killer tick or so wants the killer convince Hunter and the FBI. They know they got a monster on their hands who was unknown to them and as it happened by sheer accident caught by the authorities.

This is a dark novel that is so much more terrifying in the trails he lays out for his captors, he is easily the most dangerous opponent Hunter has ever met, and their common past makes it even harder.

An excellent book that does something original with the idea of the serial killer, and having read the series out of order, I find myself confronted by easily Carters best so far. Still I advise you reading the series in order, this one can easily be read as a stand alone. Well worth an uncomfortable read if you fancy something scary about the human monster.

The title of this book so perfectly describes what you get between the covers! I have read all the books in this series just as fast as I could get them, and while I loved every single one of them, I feel this one was head and shoulders the best so far.

Detective Robert Hunter is called bythe FBI to interview a man highly suspected as being a serial killer, as he was found with two bodiless heads in his car.

He is adamant that he will only speak to Hunter. What Hunter finds is a man he knows, a m The title of this book so perfectly describes what you get between the covers!

What Hunter finds is a man he knows, a man he called 'friend' for years, a man who was his roomie during his college days.

What follows is a horrendous story of abductions, torture, and brutal killings over the last 25 years.

Chris Carter - Author

This is not for the faint of heart. About the Author The killings are extremely graphic in their descriptions. Hunter is having a hard time balancing what he knows against what he's hearing Most of us have heard the nature vs nurture debates about those who do horrendous things to their fellow human beings. What does it say about a man who consciously sets out to become a serial killer One of the things I best enjoyed about this book is that the reader really gets to know Robert Hunter.

In the previous books of the series, you don't get a sense of the real man.. This book gives the reader a glimpse of how he was as a young man and how be became the man he is. I give it 5 stars! View all 7 comments. Abandoning this one after the half-way mark. Too many similar plot points as The Silence of the Lambs a much better book.

The way the author kept ending his chapters with a "teaser" got old after awhile. In the end, I really didn't care to find out more about this serial killer. This one was very different from the others in the series Such a big fan of Robert Hunter. Zasad najbolji Carterov roman! Jun 18, Liz Barnsley rated it it was amazing. Publication Date: Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy via Netgalley.

The suspect claims he is a pawn in a huge labyrinth o Publication Date: The suspect claims he is a pawn in a huge labyrinth of lies and deception — can he be believed? Due to the circumstances he ends up in the custody of the FBI where he refuses to speak to anyone except Hunter.

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Begging for assistance in proving his innocence, Lucien calls upon their old ties of friendship — but what Robert finds is horrifying beyond measure..

Of all the crime fiction out there, Chris Carter is perhaps the author for me who does the best mix of psychology and thrills — add to that the character of Robert Hunter, a man who is both enigmatic and brilliant and you have a perfect storm.

As Robert reels from one revelation to the next in his quest for the truth, this is absolutely edge of the seat stuff, but with a great depth of plot and a tremendously clever twisting of circumstances. I was enthralled throughout, completely and utterly fascinated — and as things headed towards an extremely dramatic finale, it was perfectly done — I knew nothing good was coming but I couldnt look away… All in all this is another great addition to the series — perhaps even the best yet — from an author who is currently right at the top of his game.

Damn, Chris Carter! Gruesome - check, Horror - check, Thriller - check, Suspense - check, Action - check. This series is so darn good, I am sad to soon be reading the last one. I look forward to more, for sure.

I have no idea what Mr Carter has heard and experienced in his life or how his mind conjures up new killers, but damn if it doesn't make for good reading. Hat's off and many thanks to you, sir! View all 3 comments. What can I say. Wow, Wow and Wow. Another incredible book from Mr. His books can be read as stand alones but are best read in order. Or any of his books, your choice. View 2 comments. Robert Hunter is back, only this time his partner Carlos Garcia is missing and Robert is on his way to Hawaii for a much needed break.

Thankfully it seems like it had little impact on the actual book or sheer writing skills, but as a Robert Hunter is back, only this time his partner Carlos Garcia is missing and Robert is on his way to Hawaii for a much needed break.

Thankfully it seems like it had little impact on the actual book or sheer writing skills, but as a reader I confess I missed him. As usual Carter pulls no punches when throwing the reader into the dark and frankly disturbing world of killers. A rather vile accidental discovery means that Hunter is pulled from his trip and into a rather surreal situation. It seems that Hunter is the only man for the job and we see quite early on a link to his past which is always nice as it adds to what you already know about the character.

I had no clue how the story would play out, and had rather conflicting feelings on it all for a while. However with sheer finesse the reader realises that the game has begun. Although there are many thousands of talented writers in this genre out there, sometimes certain authors will stick in your mind.

Chris Carter is one of those authors for me. Firstly there is nothing to dislike about the characters and his talent for transporting you so you are literally breathing down the necks of this guys is pretty amazing.

There was certainly tension galore as the stakes for the dreaded game are upped with each step that arises. I had no clue how things would pan out and thoroughly loved every single page of this book. Aufgeteilt ist das Buch in 3 Teile. Der 2.

Teil haben mir ausgesprochen gut gefallen. Aber genau das liebe ich an seinen Thrillern. Zum Teil wirklich schreckliche Dinge. Dadurch wird einem Robert irgendwie noch sympathischer, als er einem, mir zumindest, eh schon ist. Teil des Buches, da sich dieser einfach ziemlich gezogen hat. Aug 28, Rob Twinem rated it it was amazing Shelves: He has produced in Robert Hunter a first class anti-hero, a detective working on the side of good but with a tragic past, which is revealed as this story progresses.

An unexpected accident causes, a shocking find is made in the boot of a car, and a suspect is immediately detained. Lucien Folter will talk to no one but Hunter, they have a past, and when Detective Hunter arrives a grizzly tale of horrific proportions unfolds with Folter at the centre. This is absolutely spellbinding storytelling and a story that gave new meaning to the word depravity I could not put it down and finished in two days The players at the centre are Hunter and Folter, good v evil, but who is leading who?

Hunter is helped in his odyssey by the charismatic and beautiful Detective Taylor and as we race towards a bloody conclusion, in the search for the one hostage who might still be alive, Carter does not cease to surprise and manipulate the reader as once again he proves how his training as a criminal psychologist has helped make him an outstanding author.

Jun 22, Gary rated it it was amazing. The 6th book in the Robert Hunter series by Chris Carter. Chris Carter's books get better and better, I loved his very first book and I have felt the same about every subsequent book. His books have an edge are are certainly more graphic than some of his contemporariness.

His plots are different and the characters are so strong. This book instantly had me hooked and I read it at every possible moment. I can't wait for the next one. View 1 comment. Ich wusste eine Weile nicht, worauf die Story hinauslaufen soll. Einziges Manko war, dass es mich nicht von Anfang an komplett gepackt hat. Mar 15, Ami rated it really liked it Shelves: This book took place not long after the event of book 5, One by One. Until FBI agents come to ask for his help. An Evil Mind was as mind-blowing as previous books even i This book took place not long after the event of book 5, One by One.

An Evil Mind was as mind-blowing as previous books even if it took different path! This time, we knew who the villain; there was no twist about it.

What became different from this book was how the villain used his evil mind to extract information from Hunter -- private, personal information -- that was never been out before. See, I wanted to know more about Hunter for 5 books now, because despite him being a very likable protagonist, he was still a bit of an enigma. It was a roller-coaster ride -- I felt bad for Hunter, for everything that the villain made him go through. But at the same time, I felt like I knew him better because of it.

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