Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine Seventh Edition For Elsevier www. beijuaganette.cf beijuaganette.cf Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine 8 builds on the prize-winning formula that won the first prize in the BMA Book Awards Medicine Category in (7th edition). Question In the 7th edition of Kumar and Clark Clinical Medicine, you indicate that there is no benefit in treating the male partner of a woman diagnosed.

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Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine. Suitable for medical students, doctors and health professionals, this book provides a comprehensive source of information. Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine edited by Parveen Kumar, Michael Clark ; EBOOK [Print copies available at Lee Wee Nam Library, Medical Library. The newly updated Pocket Emergency Medicine, Edition is full of the essential information every emergency department clinician should have at their side at.

The patient must be given the opportunity for any family members to meet the clinician. E Empathy The clinician will need to understand and respond appropriately to a range of emotions that the patient may express denial, despair, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. These must be acknow ledged and where necessary, the clinician should wait for them to settle before moving on.

The clinician will also need to judge which patients want to be touched as part of the process and also when the patient has shutdown and the interview needs to be paused.

Sometimes the inter- view will need to be stopped and resumed later.

S Strategy and summary The clinician must ensure that the patient has understood what has been discussed. The interview should close with a further interview date preferably soon and giving a contact name as a safety net before the next interview and details regarding further sources of information.

The clinician should offer the patient the opportunity to 1 8 Ethics and communication meet their relatives if they could not be there at this time. Finally, the clinician should bid everyone goodbye, starting with the patient. Complaints and lawsuits Many complaints result from poor communication or miscommunication.

A lawsuit is the most extreme form of complaint and any clinician faced with such a scenario must seek specialist advice. The majority of complaints stem from the exasperation felt by patients who: Have not been able to get clear information Feel that they are owed an apology Are concerned that other patients will go through what they have.

Complaints should be dealt with as soon as possible. It is helpful to make an apology as an expression of regret; this is not an expression of guilt. Explain the reasons and circumstances behind the facts and explain how things will improve.

Be honest and never alter the medical records.

Kumar & Clark’s Clinical Medicine PDF

Culture and communication Patients from minority cultures tend to get poorer healthcare than others of the same socioeconomic status, even when they speak the same language. Consultations tend to be shorter and with less engagement of the patient by the clinician. Cultural issues will affect the patients behaviour, e. If an interpreter is necessary for the medical interview this should not be a family member, friend or even child.

Advocates interpreters from the patients culture who can do more than translate or the Language Line services should be used wherever possible. In these situ- ations the clinician should still look and speak directly to the patient and not the interpreter. Patients with impaired faculties for communication Patients with impaired hearing who use sign language may be helped by a signer.

However, very few use sign language but many will lip-read. The latter can be facilitated by using a good light, using plain language, and checking for understanding and writing some things down. Conversation aids micro- phones and amplifier, adapted textphones and mobile phones with text messages can help. Patients with impaired vision will be helped by large print information sheets, Braille versions if available and audiotapes.

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Clinicians should avoid sudden touch during the interview, make more conscious efforts to use the patients name and clearly explain what they are doing as they go along. Patients with impaired understanding or expression of words aphasia will be helped by speaking slowly with frequent pauses in a quiet place Ethics and communication 9 without distractions. In this situation, closed questioning is often easier with Ethics and communication a few key headings written down. Medical record keeping Clinical records are an integral part of healthcare.

They should contain a complete record of every encounter with the patient history, examination, differential diagnosis, investigations and results, information given to the patient, consent, decisions made, treatment prescribed, follow-up and refer- rals and a summary of any discussions with relatives after obtaining patient consent. The records should also contain copies of any e-mail and text cor- respondence. When entering into e-mail or text correspondence with a patient, confidentiality must be respected and due thought given to who else might read the information.

A patient has a legal right to see their records and these are an essential part of the investigation into any complaint or claim for negligence. Computer records electronic patient records, EPRs are increasingly replacing written records; EPRs are more understandable, contain more information and reduce prescribing errors.

Kumar and Clark’s clinical medicine 9th edition free pdf book download

Criteria for good records are: Clear, accurate and legible Every entry should be signed, dated and time of consultation recorded. The healthcare worker should also print their name and record where they have seen the patient e. An additional note should be made, signed and dated alongside any mistake Records should always be kept secure. Any patient details kept electron ically requires the computer to be encrypted. This page intentionally left blank Infectious diseases Infection remains the main cause of morbidity and mortality in humans, particularly in developing areas where it is associated with poverty and overcrowding.

Although the prevalence of infectious disease has reduced in the developing world as a result of increasing prosperity, immunization and antibiotic availability, antibiotic-resistant strains of microorganisms and dis- eases such as human immunodeficiency virus HIV infection have emerged.

Increasing global mobility and climate change has aided the spread of infec- tious disease world-wide. In the elderly and immunocompromised the pres- entation of infectious disease may be atypical with few localizing signs and the normal physiological responses to infection fever and sometimes neu- trophilia may be diminished or absent. A high index of suspicion is required in these populations. The widespread use of antibiotics has led to bacterial resistance and changing patterns of disease, e.

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Infection is a result of MRSA spread either from the same patient or between patients from a site of colonization to a wound, burn or indwelling catheter where it causes clinical disease.

The bacteria are resistant to multiple antibiotics, and infections are usually treated with vancomycin or teicoplanin. The risk of infection with MRSA is reduced by hospital staff washing their hands with antibacterial soap or alcohol hand scrub after contact with all patients, side-room isolation of colonized and infected patients hospital staff wear disposable gowns and gloves before contact and topical antibiotics for individuals colonized identified by nasal and skin swabs with MRSA.

Notification of specific infectious diseases is a legal requirement in the UK Table 2. However, recognizing and reporting certain infec- tions is international practice.

Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine. It still remains the primary 'must-have' text book of any budding doctor, or qualified one at that.

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This book is stunning in its breadth and in its ease of use. It still remains as the 'gold-standard' thorough guide to clinical medicine its forefathers were. BMA Judges' quote Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine is known, respected and admired by medical students, doctors and health professionals throughout the world. It provides in one volume a comprehensive and authoritative source of information on the management and treatment of medical problems.

Clarity of writing, a hallmark of Kumar and Clark, has been combined with a colourful and attractive presentation and a companion website to produce a complete resource of medical information.

Kumar and Clark is now regarded as the one book that every aspiring and qualified doctor should own. Colour-coded chapters make the book attractive and easy to navigate. Drawings and photographs bring the subjects to life.

Boxes and tables pull out and display important information.

Clear headings and a comprehensive index allow the reader to pinpoint information quickly and accurately. The online version has been extended and updated as part of the Student Consult platform. Over new illustrations. Five new contributors. Thoroughly updated, rewritten and revised to reflect changes in practice and approach.

Online version with extra content, including animations and sounds, and fuller treatments of regionally specific medical problems such as malaria, SARS, TB, viral haemorrhagic dengue fever, leprosy, snake bite etc. Expanded input from the International Advisory Panel of experts from around the world, augmenting the book's international scope.

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