1) Fallen Too Far (Rush & Blaire) (Rosemary Beach 1; Too Far 1) 2) Never Too Never Too Far - Abbi beijuaganette.cf KB Rush Too Far - Glines, beijuaganette.cf Fallen Too Far was no exception, because it now tops the list as my all-time favorite Abbi Glines Abbi never ceases to amaze me but Fallen Too Far is absolutely that good! Скачать эту книгу (k) в формате: fb2, lrf, epub, mobi, txt, html. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Title: Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines [PDF] [Epub] [Mobi], Author: Maya Banks, Length: 6 .

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Download Fallen Too Far (Rosemary Beach, #1) free ebook (pdf, epub, mobi) by Abbi Glines. Book details Author: Abbi Glines Pages: beijuaganette.cf rel= nofollow. Read Download Fallen Too Far: A Rosemary Beach Novel (The Rosemary Beach Series) |PDF books PDF Free Download Here.

His mother, Georgianna, was a groupie back in the day. A bad boy, womanizer, cynical bastard that tries to hide a heart full of hurt and vulnerability.

Mysterious, perfect, wounded and confusing man. He wants her but he is afraid that he will taint her, ruin her and that she will find out the secrets they are harbouring and they will destroy the fragile balance she managed to maintain.

And in the end you would never forgive me. A love stronger than both of them but will it be stronger than the lies and deceit? Holy freaking Hell A beautiful emotional story that destroyed me and broke my heart.

Nan, I hate you! I completely loathe you. I have an aversion to uppity bitches, but you made me allergic to them And then the ending kinda destroyed me I admire every single one of you that survived this cliffhanger!!! Already started the next December I was warned about this book: March 12th So This review can be found on my blog: View all 59 comments. Oct 06, Jennifer Kyle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Abbi Glines does IT again!!

I love this story and the possibilities for future books are endless!!! My Cast Photos After burying her mother, Blaire packs her old truck and heads for some much needed help from her estranged father. She has no idea that he is living high on the hog with a new family.

He is away with his Abbi Glines does IT again!! He is away with his wife on vacation. Yep a real winner! She is coldly greeted by her stepbrother Rush and is offered to sleep in a closet under the stairs in this mansion of a home. Rush also gives her two weeks to stay. Rush Finlay is gorgeous playboy who is very deep and tortured. He is very sexual and is drawn to Blaire.

FYI- he has piercings and tattoos. Too bad he is keeping a secret. She is a hard worker who never ever pities herself and you just have to respect her for that alone! She finds her strength in the love that her mother gave it keeps her secure, like a foundation.

Poor Blaire is treated a bit like Cinderella living under the stairs of the mansion and working for the elite at the country club. The chemistry is bubbling between Rush and Blaire. Rush soon finds that he can no longer resist her. I was in love with Rush Finlay. But back to this secret Even her boss seems to know something WTF right?

This secret is looming for most of the book and once you find out what it is things deteriorate between Blaire and all who resides in Rosemary, Florida.

He talks Blaire into returning to Florida and explains that she has made a lot of friends and is missed terribly by everyone including him. Woods offers her her job back at the club so she can have her own place, possibly with Bethy?

I would love for Grant to get more of a storyline. I have a feeling that this is only the beginning and we are in for another great series by the talented Abbi Glines!

View all 21 comments. Nov 03, Becca rated it it was amazing Shelves: Abbi has done it to me again!!! Such great characters that pull you in and make you root for them or hate them with such passion.

March can not come fast enough!!! My Rush: My Blaire: My Grant: My Nan: My Woods: View all 4 comments.

Dec 19, Kristen rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 27 comments. Made progress: I can't do this to myself! Maybe one day i'll get back to it, but time is too precious right now, i can't waste any on this. I'm never stepping out of my comfort zone again, it never ends well. Get outta here while you can! And the cover is extremely ugl Made progress: And the cover is extremely ugly! Why the hell am i reading this book then you may ask.

I have no idea, except all my friends have given it 4 or 5 stars, and i'm also trying this new thing where i don't "judge a book by it's cover".

Let's see how that works out. Oct 07, Stacia the club marked it as to-read. Wait, another book with an "innocent" girl and a guy who's played everyone?

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Isn't this like every other Glines book at least the 6 or so others I've read? How about flipping this for once and giving us the experienced girl with the inexperienced guy?

I was going to read this because I do like the sexual tension that Glines creates, but now I Wait, another book with an "innocent" girl and a guy who's played everyone? I was going to read this because I do like the sexual tension that Glines creates, but now I don't know I even broke out the happy keys for Because of Low because I thought we headed in a positive direction.

Do I need to get myself a new key? View all 60 comments. Nov 30, Autumn Review rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is one of the hardest reviews I've ever had to write. Why, you ask? Well, I can tell you it might possibly be my favorite Abbi Glines book written, but I don't want to say much and ruin the story for you all. So, I'll give you a few highlights and strongly encourage you to get it.

This book is Blaire's story. I loved this chick the minute she pulled out her gun. She's strong, smart, independent and loving. But, unfortunately for Blaire, she's had to suffer through some pretty hor This is one of the hardest reviews I've ever had to write.

But, unfortunately for Blaire, she's had to suffer through some pretty horrific losses in a relatively short time frame. She's looking for support from her father until she can make some money and go out on her own.

However, he's not there for her yet again. My heart hurt for her and I really hated her dad for not being there for her. Once you learn more about her story, you will love her even more.

You connect with her. You want to be her friend. You want to hug her. When she meets Rush, her life tilts once again.

I love all the girls in Abbi Glines' books, but I usually fall for the boys immediately. She knows how to write sexy men. Well, Rush is certainly sexy, but it did take me a while to warm up to him. That said, I trusted that Ms.

Glines would win me over It took a while to love Rush, but once I did, it was a big fall. Rush is complex.

He's a rock star's son, so he's seen things and done things in his life that are well He's loyal to his family though and is a very passionate guy. The relationship that Rush and Blaire have is a bit complicated. As I said before, Rush is very experienced and Blaire is not. Not to mention the familial obstacles they face. She has been in a relationship before, but she's never known a guy like Rush.

These two have some serious heat together. Without giving too much away, I'll tell you that there are several extremely hot scenes between these two. I have to mention the supporting characters. I often make strong attachments to the supporting characters in Abbi Glines' books. In this book I really fell hard for Grant. He is funny and super sweet. I'm rooting for a book for Grant. Of course every story has it's villain, and in this one it's Nan, Rush's sister. She is just plain nasty, but I do understand why.

Not that it made me like her any better though. Here's the thing, I had the privilege of watching this story come to life and it's truly amazing seeing an author create a story. This particular story is a little bit different than some of Glines' other books though. Don't fear But, this story is a bit more raw and gritty. I will say that, as the end of this year wraps up and I think of all of the truly great books that have hit my self this year, Fallen Too Far will be among my favorites of I can't wait for you all to read it!

View 1 comment. Dec 17, Splage rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review posted to: Abbi Glines writes the steamiest, mature young adult romances that I have read. In Fallen Too Far , t Review posted to: In Fallen Too Far , the connection and combativeness between the characters was such a turn on. Rush was designer and Blaire was country. Rush grew up the son of a world famous rock and roll drummer. He was gorgeous and rich with sexy tattoos and piercings on a perfect physique.

Blaire was a good girl, she grew up in a normal family setting until her twin sister was killed in a car accident. Her world and family was torn apart and in the end, her normal high school life was a heartbreaking struggle as she took care of her sick mother alone. This book comes out fast with the heartache.

I had to swallow my tears many times as Blaire would recount her past tragedies and memories with her mother and her last years of high school. Blaire was a strong and pure heroine. She was a wonderful and caring daughter and she had such pride and innocence that Rush and every male in this book should have been her protector and defender…she deserved it.

The chemistry between Blaire and Rush was off the charts and instantaneous. What made all this wonderful connection even better was the story.

The depth and direction led to one heck of a reveal Well, heartbreaking cliffhanger is what I got. I found this author just in the last 5 months and 3 of the books I have read from her are solid 5 star reads. Feb 26, Katie babs rated it did not like it Shelves: When I finished reading, this is a perfect example of how I felt: For those who loved Fallen too Far Fallen Too Far 1 , it might be best for you to disregard this review because my reaction to this latest by Abbi Glines has me less than happy.

I will start by saying that Glines does have an engaging writing style. I can see why When I finished reading, this is a perfect example of how I felt: I can see why she has a big fan base. The heroine Blaire is wonderfully written and a character you want to root for, but the other characters in this tale are a big, big problem mainly because they're all stereotypes and are written as wretched, horrible people. That's what Fallen Too Far is.

Blaire is all alone in the world. Because Blaire is poor, and yet a hard worker, she is put down and ridiculed by the richy-rich people she must interact with, mainly her father's new stepson, Rush, who is a well known man slut to the max. Rush is a walking STD and makes no qualms about it.

When Blaire meets him, he's rude and crude to her. Throughout the story Blare seems him disrespecting women, as in he sleeps with them and throws them out after he gets his jollies off.


We see this on the page and it's not assumed or subtly shown. Rush is the type of man who needs a therapist because it's obvious he has such rage against women. The morning after Blaire's arrival, she meets one of the many girls Rush sleeps with: I missed you in bed this morning. Curiosity got the better of me and I turned around.

I was pretty tempted myself. I watched as pointed in the direction of the front door. You wanted me between your legs. You go it. Was he serious? Rush shook his head and took another drink from his cup. Last night was amazing. You know it. Nothing more.

This is the man Blaire will fall in love with and choose as her soul mate. You'd think Blaire would stay far away from him, and make friends with the nice guys she works with and have a romance with one of them. Blaire is attracted to Rush regardless of his psychotic and bullying ways that are really more what a villain entails.

But no matter because Blaire sleeps with Rush in very descriptive and erotic type love scenes that are very angry for both parties involved. The purpose is for them to find physical release with no emotional attachment. The sex between them is full of rage and greed, and shows how really pathetic these two are when all is said and done.

This scene reminds me of the almost rape scene in a truck also that begins Tammara Webber's Easy. Funny how Buck, who tries to rape Jacqueline, the heroine of that story, is the nasty villain, but when Rush does the same to Blaire, he's the hero, the love interest and one the reader is supposed to sympathize with and wants Blaire to have her HEA with.

That scene was vile and disgusting. Again I ask, what was the point? I refuse to say love when it comes to Rush and Blaire because these two can't love one another. They're both disturbed and extremely unhealthy for one another. The Blaire at the end of this tale is a shell of her former self because Rush has sucked the life out of her via explosive orgasms, including the lies she unravels from her father and the ones Rush tells her.

Glines at no times gives us an adequate example why Blaire would fall for Rush and why the reader should expect these two to be together and be fine with it.

I lost respect for Blaire the moment she decides to give into her attraction for Rush "just because". She's lonely and since he's amazing in bed, she'll use him exactly like he uses others. Gone Too Far is the complete opposite of what a romance should be. I would stay far away from reading this one. If this is what the future of New Adult is or romance for readers jumping from Young Adult into adult romance, then I'm very saddened.

I felt the need to shower after I finished reading this book and wanted to read a book where the heroine and heroine respect one another and share their love in healthy and uplifting ways. View 2 comments. Dec 02, Bayli rated it really liked it Shelves: The first half of the book I would give around 3.

Get it giiiirrrrl The first half of the book was just kind of strange to me So this new girl, Blair, shows up at her dads house. A father she hasnt seen in about 5 years. So her father says he can stay with him and his NEW wife The first half of the book I would give around 3. So her father says he can stay with him and his NEW wife and step kids until she can make enough money to move out. Well that's all well and good. Except, he's not even there when she knows up.

He's on vacation with his new wife? After his first wife had just died and his daughter needed him? What a piece of shit. SO here comes Blaire. Country girl, Blaire.

She parks in fron of this house with her ancient truck and meets Grant. Now, i really liked Grant- he was sweet and funny- but really she pulled a gun on him? I mean sure that kind of made me laugh and it diesnt really bother me that she did that- mean it made her seem like a badass! However, the gun doesnt really fit with the rest of her personality. I think Blair was supposed to be this hardcore country girl that doesnt take shit from anyone- but all I read through out this entire book was her just taking it and doing nothing about it.

I mean this is the same girl that was trigger happy at the beginning of the book correct?

I dont know, i just think this girl would have had a mouth on her. Would have gone off on these bitches at these parties, etc. But instead she gets all upset and runs away into her hidey hole Strange, right? But what really drives me crazy about Blaire I mean really just wants me to bang her head against a wall- She knows absolutely nothing about sexuality.

I get it- she's a sweet, innocent- virgin. I'm happy for you But, come on- a 19 almost 20 year old woman would know more about her body and about sex that Blaire did. Yes, even though her mom was sick and she had "no time for sex" she still would have known more than she did in this book..

Yes, that's me- whacking Blaire upside the head. So that made me feel like she really shouldnt be having sex if she knew that little about her own body and what sex really was. I guess i just thought she was a little too innocent. Rush annoyed me at the beginning too.

Mostly because Blaire and him had barely even spoken- yet they were just so incredibly attracted to one another? There was just this magical pull?

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I guess I just wish there would have been more conversation between the two of them in the first half of the book OKay, I promise I am done bitching- The second half of this book was really good!

The second half gets more interesting. Rush starts to make it a point to keep his eye on Blaire at all times. He becomes really protective of her- and well- I find that extremely hot. Blaire starts to be willing to give into her desires to Rush. Even though in the back of her mind- she knows it will never actually work out. She just wants to be with him any way. After the honkey tonk At this point I'm really loving Rush. He has gone from annoying boy that thinks hes gods gift to the world- to hot boy that cant get enough of the one girl he shouldnt have I mean that is sexy, right?

Of course- things keep getting in there way. Nan, Rush's sister- is a bitch. There's a huge secret that I won't give away in this review but it's huge. It envolves Nan. So the entire Nan thing keep getting in the way of Blaire and Rush- until one night they finally seal the mother freakin deal And it's all hot. Rush is so into Blaire at this point- it's ridiculous in a good way ; Dude is totally falling for her. Shit goes down Blaire finds out about the secret And the world as she and Rush has known it- has come to a close She runs away from it all, from all of them, including Rush, and runs back to her hometown Where we are left with a very very painful cliffhanger: View all 19 comments.

Oct 10, xrysa rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book heros Rush and Blaire were amazing but as you can understand I have feelings for Rush! Yeah this guy was simply perfect! The truth is that in the beginning he was acting like a douche but he had his reasons! People were being mean to Blaire and like that wasnt enought she had to face her father , learn the truth about her past view spoiler [and leave back to her town!

I could see the fear. View all 15 comments. Jul 20, R. Kitt rated it it was amazing. A sweet story about a guy trying not to give into his feelings over a girl, and also finding out that the girl he's falling for is not what he first assumed. Jan 12, Marina rated it really liked it Shelves: The moment when you realize the book has ended but the story hasn't: Ok, I am slightly calmer now.

But I really have to say something or I'm probably going to explode. You might be screwed up beyond repair, you might regret your decisions. Choosing the benefit of one child over the other? And for what? To ease your guilt? To shy away from the responsibility of taking care of a family shattered by pain? My beautiful girl. An amazing character. A strength and loyalty so fierce that made my chest burst with pride.

The love for her mother is so admirable that by the end I was cheering up for her to get the hell out of that family. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Epub Download Fallen Too Far: Book Details Author: Abbi Glines Pages: Paperback Brand: The wealthy son of a rocker.

A tough farm girl from Alabama. Two step-siblings from different worlds. One summer in Rosemary Beach. She has no choice. Driving into the wealthy resort town in a pickup truck with a pistol under her seat, Blaire knows she'll never fit in. But as the summer goes by, Blaire begins to see a side of Rush she never expected, and the chemistry between them becomes impossible to ignore.

If you want to download this book, click link in the next page 5. Download or read Fallen Too Far: Taking Chances download free book in ePub or txt formats only www. Recommended Just for Now by Abbi Glines. This is what I did. I disentangled myself and stared down at the two girls Id spent my night with.

Several condom wrappers littered the. Hot romance is the Lana has a chance to make Sawyer see her, and she's taking it. If only he'd get over. Downloads sind Abbi Glines. Fallen Too Far. Twisted Perfection.Go explore.

But Blaire has her own plan. FYI- he has piercings and tattoos. And it wasn't even Blaire's mother fault. Moderate but doable.

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