unauthorised act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages. A CIP catalogue record of this book is available. Title: Paper Towns Author: John Green Genre: Young adult novel Date of publication: October 16 Publisher: Dutton Books Narrator: Quentin Jacobsen. Paper Towns is a novel written by John Green, primarily for an audience of young adults, and . Archived from the original (PDF) on ^ Green , p.

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download Paper Towns - John Green E-Book (Only $5,72) Pages: Language: English Genres: Juvenile Fiction / General E-book will be sent to. pdf. Analysis of Taboo Words in Paper Town Novel by John Green. 8 Pages . in this novel must consider to the theories and the society – in this term is Indonesia by using John Green novel “Paper Towns” is taken as the object of the theory. John Green, , Paper Towns, From the #1 bestselling author of The I don't know, I am just hoping John Green will write more book like this.

Quentin abhors prom so he doesnt worry about it. Ben asks Cassie Hiney, but she rejects him because she already had a date. Thus, Ben is just left alone with Quentin. At school, Quentin always looks at Margo whenever she appears.

One day, he looked at her smiling in front of his boyfriend, Jase. The only thing Quentin is able to do is just look at her until he loses her sight.

Quentin and Margo didnt talk since they were nine when Margo knocked on Quentins window at midnight. Since then, they dont even say hello. That night, Quentin goes home with his usual routine. Then, when he is about to sleep, he sees Margo in front of his window, just like when they were nine.

Quentin opens the door and asks why she is there but all she say is that she needs a ride with his car. Her face is covered with black paint. Suddenly, her father calls her up from the ground, shouting her to come down.

She tells his father that she is just chatting with Quentin but her dad notices the black paints in her face. She goes back out the window but in few minutes comes back. She asks for a ride and Quentin accepts her offer with a little doubt. But because he loves her, he follows her. Margo has few hundred dollars in her pocked because she knows the password to her parents bank account. The Strings: Chapters Chapter Summaries 1.

The Vessel: Agloe Margo takes out all the savings and asks Quentin to go to Wal-Mart to download some stuffs, which are thirteen pounds of catsh, Veet, the fat-daddy-size tub of Vaseline, a six pack of Mountain Dew, a can of blue spray paint, and a dozen tulips on the conveyor belt.

She tells him that she has eleven missions to accomplish that school night.

John Green Paper Towns

Quentin is a little afraid that it might be a felony to follow her doing mysterious stuffs, but he believes in her. The rst task is to attack The Club to her boyfriend, Jases, car.

The second missions is to call Beccas dad who is Margos friend and tell her dad that her daughter is having sex with Jason Worthington in their basement. The third mission is to take a picture of Jason running out of Beccas basement, half naked. But when they accomplishes the third mission, Jason is so much in hurry that he doesnt wear his boxers appropriately and Little Jason have been taken in the picture. The fourth mission is to get his clothes in case he tries to sneak back into her house.

The fth mission is to leave sh for Becca. All these missions are for a revenge because Margo didnt realize that Jason was cheating on her for six weeks until her friend told her few days ago. When Quentin and Margo accomplishes until the fth mission, he is not afraid of anything anymore. He is able to continue the journey and follow Margo. Next, the sixth mission is to leave owers on Karins doorstep with apologetic note.

After nishing, the seventh mission is to leave a sh for Mr. Then, they continue on the eight mission, which is to leave sh inside Laceys car.

The Vessel: Agloe Margo and Quentin continues to travel in the dawn. They go to Chucks house to revenge on Quentins old humiliation from Dance School. They break in to his room and put Veet on his right eyebrow. They are entertained by the fact that if he will shave the other side or color in the left side.

After they put Veet, they painted his doorknob with Vaseline so that he wouldnt be able to open the door when Quentin and Margo are running.

After the success of the mission, they are headed to the Orlando City skyscraper. When they are at the top of the building, they look at the Orlando City and discuss how fake the city is.

Margo relates the city to Paper Town. But because Sea World is so secure, they need to go through the moat. After they cross the moat, they enjoy the emptiness of the Sea World. With the background music, Quentin and Margo starts to slow dance and have a good time. Quentin asks Margo to hang out with him from now on, but Margo says, I. The next day, Margo doesnt come to school and Quentin worries about her. The Grass: Chapters The next day, Quentin wakes up late and runs down to the kitchen.

His parents talks about their dream but Quentin doesnt seem to care about what they were saying. When Quentin arrived at school, Ben and Radar talks about their prom date and how much they value this prom because it is their last prom in high school.

The Vessel: Agloe address, suddenly, they see Chuck Parson walking toward them in the hallway. Quentin and his friends stare at Chucks missing eyebrows and his friends are amazed that Quentin spent the night with Margo. At lunch, they head to a fast food restaurant to talk about the night with Margo. At that night, Quentin waits for Margo to come home, but she was still missing. The next day, Ben tells Quentin that Chuck and his friends ran over twelve bikes that belonged to the freshmen and sophomores.

Chuck replies back to Quentin, knowing that it was Quentin who took his naked photo few days ago. Quentin threatens Chuck that he will post the picture unless he doesnt follow the instructions. Chuck doesnt reply back but it seems like he understands what Quentin is saying. The Grass: Chapters The next day, Quentin wakes up and goes to the kitchen and sees Margos parents and the detective talking with his parents.

Margos parents complain about how Margo is such a hard kid to raise, considering the fact that she ran away few times before too. The detective and Quentin talk privately about Margo and Quentin tells everything that happened between him and her few days ago.

After the detective and Margos parents went, Quentin and his parents talk about how an irresponsible parents they are, leaving their daughter to nd her own life. Later Ben and Radar visit Quentin. While they are at Quentins Chapter Summaries 1. The Vessel: Agloe room, they see a poster in front of Margos window that they have never seen before. It was a poster of Woody Guthrie, who was a folksinger in the early s.

Ben sees the poster and thinks that the way Woody Guthrie is staring looks like as if he is wanting them to come inside. Thus, they head to Margos house. Margos sister, Ruthie, is the only one at home and Quentin bribes her to not tell anyone. Quentin, Ben, and Radar enter Margos room and get surprised.

Margo had a bookcase as tall and Quentin and as twice as long, lled with vinyl records. Quentin looked through the records and took out Billy Bragg record. The front was a photograph, but the back was the same picture of Woodie Guthrie. On the album cover, a song title Walt Whitmans Niece was circled. They looked over the room and found Walt Whitmans book, Leaves of Grass.

Quentin goes back home and reads the book. There were several quotes highlighted in blue, all from an especially long poem called Song of Myself. Few quotes were highlighted in green, Unscrew the locks from the doors!

Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs! After reading few more highlighted quotes, Quentin contemplates about Margo and her trails that she left behind. We nd out that Lacey did not know that Margos boyfriend was in fact cheating and she feels bad for it. She is also somewhat worried that she is gone. She Chapter Summaries 1.

The Strings: Chapters also is complaining that she does not have a prom date and Ben jumps the chance to ask her out to it. On the other hand, Quentin continues to gure out the clues that Margo left behind.

He tries to unlock Margos door and expects something to be in the doorknob, but there was nothing in it. That night, he studies the quote over and over and realize that the clues were for himself, not for Margo. Quentin brings a screw driver and starts to unlock his own doorknob. There, he nds a small note with Margos 4. The Vessel: Agloe handwriting that says bartlesville Avenue. Realizing that it was an address, Quentin calls his friends and heads to the location.

When they arrive at the place, they realize that the place was nothing like they imagined. It was a place where someone would go to die. They all go to the building and nd the troll hole. There, they nd a mysterious writing that says, once you go to paper town, there is no leaving it.

The three friends are freaked out and decide to leave the building. The Grass: Chapters After Quentin comes back from the deserted place minimall , he calls the detective once again to tell him about his discovery but the detective doesnt show much interest towards it by telling Quentin that Margo is a legal adult, and that she has done something like this before.

Then, Quentin logs onto Omnictionary to nd out possible information regarding paper town and discovers some helpful facts such as nding out that paper town is a pseudovision. After, Quentin talks to his friends about what he found and then continues to search for different locations. The Vessel: Agloe he arrives at an oak tree, he starts to cry and long for Margo until he gets tired.

The next day, Quentin goes to school and after English class, he asks his teacher for help in interpreting the poem Margo left, and receives new advice and hints to what Margo is trying to say as well as the denition and theme of the poem. After, Quentin lies to his parents that hes going to prom and goes to the minimall and while he was there, he discovered Margos blanket, nail polish, and travel guide books.

Also, multiple clues show up proving that Margo was at the minimall such as the smell of Margos shampoo and skin lotion on the blanket. While Quentin is still there, he starts to grasp the meaning of the poem and starts to question may different sides that Margo has when shes with different people.

The Grass: Chapters After searching through the books, Quentin falls asleep but gets awakened by Bens phone call asking him to come pick him up from Beccas party. At Beccas party, everyone was drunk and acting hyper especially Ben. While the party chaos is taking place, Quentin and Becca talk about Margo and who she really is and how she cant be replaced.

The next day, Quentin call Ben and Radar to inform them about the discoveries that he made at the minimall and the boys gather to discuss numerous subjects. But this time with Lacey Pemberton. However, when they visit, someone is inside the minimall. It iss Gus and his friends. Gus and Chapter Summaries 1. They tell stories about how Margo used to visit the minimall often to explore the building by taking photos, notes, and just looking at the dead building.

They tell Quentin that she takes notes in her notebook every time when she visits and Lacey also brings back memories of Margo writing down notes in her notebook.

The next day, Quentin is discovering some locations that Margo pointed in the map. But Ben calls and says that his parents wont be home for few days because they were out of town, trying to download the Black Santas. Thus he opens a party and at the party, Ben and Quentin talks about how to kiss a girl because Ben says that he sucks at kissing with Lacey. Quentin gives Ben few tips about kissing when Lacey listens to their conversation.

But they soon gather up in the living room and talks about stuffs that are going around them.

When Quentin goes back home, right before he iss about to sleep, he saw where each map had been the four holes marking the rectangle, and the pinholes seemingly radomly distributed inside the reactangle A map.

With plotted point Green He discovers that Margo left locations in the map by pinning them with pins. The next day, Quentin and his friends head to the minimall to nd Margos map in the ofce. However, unlike how Quentin imagined, the points are not as specic as he thought, which makes it harder to decipher the locations that Margo was trying to point out.

The nal exam weeks are coming up and Quentin and his friends are busy studying. The Vessel: Agloe will show up at graduation to get attention. Also they added some evidence that to drive from Orlando to New York to the mountains to Chicago to Los Angelos back to Oralando is about twenty three day trip, which exactly matches the graduation day since she was gone Green However Quentin doesnt believe that Margo wants attention.

The Grass: Chapters When the nal was over, Quentin cleans his locker while everybody went home. He realizes that it is the last time he would be at school because the next day is Quentins graduation day. For his graduation present from his parents, Quentin gets a Ford minivan. Before it turns noon, Quentin searches up some locations in the Omnictionary.

While searching the locations, Quentin nds out that Algoe, New York was also called paper towns. Also, in the discussion section, it said, fyi, whoever Edit this - the Population of algoe Will actually be One until may 29th at Noon Green Quentin realizes that this is Margos writing because of its unusual capitalization.

It is written fteen days before so Quentin starts to have more faith that she is alive. He calls up all his friends because he only has 24 hours left and the trip to Algoe is going to take about 23 hours or more. But because it is graduation day, he visits school, tells his parents that he is going to miss graduation, and leaves with his friends on a road trip to Algoe. The Vessel: Agloe Quentin and his friends are all in Quentins minivan driving and theyre preparing for their rst stop at the gas station BP.

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As theyre preparing a list of items to download, theyre also calculating the maximum amount of time that they can take at the stop in order to reach Agloe as scheduled or as early as possible. Soon, they pull into the gas station and everyone rushes out to do their job of shopping at the store and to ll the gas. Everyone is moving like lightning and after exactly six minutes as they had planned, they leave the gas station.

As theyre driving again, they take the supplies that they downloadd and categorize them into order. While categorizing the downloads, they talk about the food they downloadd, and Radar and Ben wear the new t-shirts they bought over their graduation gown. Due to the fact trafc and the ride getting boring, Quentin and Radar make up games to play along the journey such as That Guy Is a Gigolo, and metaphyical ispy. Soon, Ben and Lacey falls asleep and Quentin describes his minivan like a car by making comparisons like the passenger seat being a living room, and the back row being a rst bedroom, and etc.

After one hour, Quentin and Radar are talking about their twitches after continuous drinking of Bluen which is supposed to keep them awake. Their char continues until arriving at the second gas stop.

Once again, everyone gets off and follows the same routine as before. The Vessel: Agloe The Vessel: Hour Twelve - Hour Twenty-one About half way through the trip, Quentin and Ben start to get into a minor argument about nding Margo and as Quentin is about to curst at Ben, he sees two cows in the way while hes driving.

Quentin believes that hes going to die with all his friends because there was no way to stop the car, but Ben takes control of the wheel and turns to the side avoiding hitting the cows and in fact, saves everyone. As a consequence of almost an accident, Quentin gets injured and the glass bottles where drinks and beer were all cracked. Anyways, they continue to travel and decide to name Quentins car The Dreidel considering the almost car accident they had earlier.

The Vessel: Agloe Finally, they arrive at Agloe and follow a path and as soon as Lacey discovers Margos car, everyone runs to the deserted barn where the car is parked. Margo is found to be writing in her mysterious black notebook and she acts surprised to see them all of a sudden. Then, Margo and Quentin start to talk but their frustration lead to minor quarrel but they start to talk things out. Margo explains to Quentin what the black notebook is and Margo tells Quentin the story that she wrote in fth grade.

Also, Margo tells Quentin the real reason why she left earlier than planned and how shes a paper girl and the town of Orlando isnt a paper town. What did you think about the fact that Quentin stepped back while Margo stepped forward towards the dead body? What does that say about the 2 characters? The fact that Margo stepped forward shows that Margo was a girl curious with her surrondings, always wanting to seek adventure, as she shows by investigating this entire thing.

However, Quentin is more of a guy who does not seek pleasure in investigating things like this and is instead quite scared of it. You meet Ben and Radar in this section. How do you think their personalities make them good friends for Quentin?

Ben is a outgoing guy, not afraid to speak his mind, especially on girls. He is somewhat the exact opposite of Quentin, but they seem to get along because of their oppositeness.

Radar is somewhat a nerd, always being on Omnictionary all the time, but his smarts and his coolness is something that attracts him towards Q. Why do you think Margo came to Quentin instead of anyone else?

Perhaps it was the fact that they are next door neighbors that Margo came to Quentin, or maybe it was the fact that Margo likes Quentin a little bit. It is shown that she does not hate him for she talks about how she always told people to go easy on him, something that Quentin had noticed himself. Section 2: Part 1 Ch 1. Why do you think that Margo compared the town to a paper town?

I think she compared it to a paper town because she thought of how Chapter Study Questions everything the people cared about in the town was like paper, something that didnt matter and was so fragile, yet people always wanted it.

She also probably wanted to emphasize how everything was so fake and not real.

What did you think about how Margo knew the security guard to the SunTrust building, and how she was pretty friendly with him? I think that Margo seems to be extremely popular, and seems to have other friends than just those in school. It shows how mysterious her life is, and how much of her life is unknown to Q. It also shows that Q is not the only one she depends on, as she knows other people to go to, which perhaps shows that Q is somewhat trusted.

What is happening at the part where they are dancing together? Do you think Margo trusted Q, or wanted to fall? After all, she chose him to come along on this last adventure which shows that she had some sense of trust in Q. Or she could just have wanted to fall all along and Q was only brought because he had access to a car and she was right next door. Section 3: Part 2 Ch 1. Why do you think Margo decided to hide a note inside the doorknob?

Margo decided to hide it in Quentins doorknob because as we saw earlier. Margo had taken Q on her revenge trip and perhaps she trusted him enough to leave him notes and clues to where she could be. Also it is known that she would leave clues to her disappearance to raise the suspense to where she could be. Why do you think Margo leave the clues for Quentin? Chapter Study Questions a. Perhaps Margo left clues for Quentin because of the fact that they were childhood friends and she wanted only him to nd her.

Or it could be that she was always in love with him since childhood and he was the only non-paper person to her.

What is signicant about the place that Quentin, Radar, and Ben went to after discovering Margos note? The place is signigicant because it is a supposed deserted area that Margo had visited. It adds mystery to the plot and to the character Margo, while showing that her life was not what it seemed at rst. Section 4: Part 2 Ch 1. What is the signicance of Quentin being late for school? For the rst time in his life, Quentin had been tardy.

Paper Towns.pdf

He had no absences or tardies in his entire lifetime, yet this was his rst time. It shows how hard he is working to look for Margo, and shows how devoted he is to nding her.

Why do you think Ben and Radar are helping Quentin to nd Margo when nobody else is? I think they are helping out only for the excitement of everything. They dont really seem to care about Margo when it does not relate to them, but when they are going out on adventures they seem to care only for the fun of the adventure. With all the clues and trails, do you think Margo wants to be found? Perhaps Margo really wants to be found but, then again with the clues not leading to anywhere important, it is easy to think that Margo does not truly want to be found.

Perhaps she is just leading him in circles until her Chapter Study Questions dead body is found. So it is hard to wonder what she is actually thinking. Section 5: Part 2 Ch 1. Why do you think that the progress of nding Margo hasnt been successful? I believe that Q has not been successful in nding Margo because of the empty clues that he keeps getting.

Perhaps that he is not understanding something properly, or it could be that he is simply following a trail that leads to nowhere. What do you think about the fact that Q seems to always end up in an empty lot instead of nding Margo?

I think it is admirable that Q does not give up even after ending up at plenty of empty lots during his search for Margo. In fact, each time he ends up at an empty lot, Qs determination seems to go up even higher, because he is knocking off one possible place she could be at and getting closer to the truth.

Do you think it is foolish or wise to ditch graduation for a chance to meet Margo? I believe that it is both foolish and wise to ditch for a chance to meet Margo. For one, it is foolish because they are missing out on the one last event of their high school career, all for a lead that may or may not turn out to be real.

But on the other hand, according to their evidence, it is the last day that Margo will stay in that area, thus it is worth it because they can risk never having another chance to meet her again. Chapter Study Questions Section 6: Part 3 1. Margo seemed to react much too surprisingly, as if she did not expect them to ever show up. Perhaps her expectations were that people would nd the clues, but would never nd her until way later in the future.

Why do you think Q did not want to follow Margo along on her trip to New York? I believe that Q did not want to follow Margo because he understood that, he was not like Margo. He was not a person who could just get up and leave the world he had left behind like that. So he decided to let Margo leave by herself, and allow her to have the freedom she want. What is important about the graves of Little Q and Little Margo? It shows that they had nally put their past to rest, and they were heading towards the future.

The act brings the story to an end, and gives closure to everything they had thought when they were young. Thus, it is a important to end the book this way, since it started off with Little Q and Little Margo. Paper Towns was a modied novel that was based on a true story.

Margo hid a note in the door of her own room. Through searching onto Omnictionary, Quentin found out that papertown is a pseudovision. Margo tells Quentin the reason for leaving the town and the fact that town of Orlando is a paper town. Quentin was crazily in love with Margo since he was. After visiting Orlando City skyscraper, Quentin and Margo headed to 3. Detective and discuss about the disappearance of Margo. Quentin falls asleep, but 5. At the halfway of the trip, Quentin and Ben get into a small argument, which almost led everyone to.

Multiple Choice 1. Q and Margo are a. Unit Test 2. Since the time when Margo a. What is the full name of the character Q? Quincy b. Queen c.

Paper Towns

Quinn d. Quentin 4. Why did Ben get rejected by Cassie Hiney when he asked for the prom? Cassie Hiney already had a date b. Ben seemed to be too desperate for the partner c. Cassie Hiney hated Ben for his outward appearance d. Cassie Hiney didnt want to go to prom 5. What famous poet has a primary inuence to the plot of the novel? Henry David Thoreau b.

Ernest Hemingway c. Walt Whitman d. John Green Unit Test 6. What are the things that Margo and Quentin didnt do when they went to Chucks house? Painting the doorknob with Vaseline b. Putting Veet on right eyebrow of Chuck c. Turning on every faucets in his house d.

Breaking into the room of Chuck 7. Which place is considered to be fake and Paper Town according to Quentin and Margo? Chicago b. Orlando City c. Miami d. Oklahoma City 8. Bribing the sister of Margo, Quentin, Ben, and Radar nd a. Margos love letter with her boyfriend, Jase b. A hundred dollar bill c. A photo album that was lled with the photos of Margo, Quentin, Ben, and Radar d.

A note that informs Quentin to head to a specic place 9. What did Lacey not know about Margos boyfriend? Margos boyfriend works at McDonalds b. Margos boyfriend was cheating on Margo c. Margos boyfriend is homosexual d.

Lacey was in love with with Margos boyfriend Unit Test Why does the detective not show much of interest when Quentin tell hims about the discovery at minimall? Margo had been missing in the past b. Detective was busy with dealing other cases c.

See a Problem?

Detective thought Quentin was making up lies about the discovery d. Detective just didnt care about Margos case What were the objects that the parents of Radar collect? Old books b. Post cards c. Black Santas d. Key chains In the fall, Quentin is organizing on attending a. Yale University b. University of Pennsylvania c. Georgetown University d. Duke University Who did Quentin decides to go with when he decided to revisit the minimall? Becca b.

Lacey Pemberton c. Cassie Hiney d. Jase Unit Test What happens during the trip in South Carolina? Experience extreme trafc b. Find the worlds biggest shopping mall c. Fill the gas of the car d. Ben decides to go back to Orlando City Which novel stopped Margo from committing suicide?

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The Bell Jar b. The Old Man and the Sea c. The Truth of Living d. Things Fall Apart Short Answer 1. Why was Margo in front of Quentins window on one night? What was the motivation and the purpose for completing the ve missions?

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Let It Snow: Retrieved from " https:The book even symbolizes the hopelessness of Qs search. Others talk about how he is worried way too much on Margo missing and that he should enjoy his high school life a bit more. While Quentin is still there, he starts to grasp the meaning of the poem and starts to question may different sides that Margo has when shes with different people.

Things are listed like this: Themes and Symbols So his foolish attempts at nding but never getting his love is shown as insane.

Although everyone survived. Q, has just found out where Margo is and he is telling Ben that he is going to drive to get to her before she leaves the town she is in at noon the next day. D Unit Test Answer Key 9.

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