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I have 4 Feng Shui books sat on my desk at the moment; they were recently sent to me to review from a client. The first one has a Ba Gua on the front cover and has the trigrams the wrong way round; the second shows the Ying-Yang symbol again the wrong way round.

Be very wary when downloading books as they are made to look very colourful with stunning pictures inside but please remember that this does not mean it is a good book.

Out of the four books only one has a synopsis on the author, try and do some research on the author first, the Internet is a goldmine for finding out information.

They should also never be placed inside your home or office as they deflect good luck when inside a building. You should always replace them if they are weathered or especially if the mirror breaks.

It will lose part of its effect but will still be effective. We receive so many e-mails asking which way to place a Three Legged Toad. I know most have been told that they should take the coin out at night as he gets tired, face him in during the day and back at night, sorry, but this is all wrong.

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In China when you download a Toad the coin will be fixed, either glued or with a bit of blue tac. You can have any amount of Toads in your home or office and they really can be placed anywhere in your home or office as long as it is not the bedroom or toilet.

An ideal number to have is nine. This question is another favourite of mine and is a really simple answer.

Any Feng Shui Master will tell you that a good compass is necessary when using Feng Shui in your home or office; you could end up causing problems by placing cures in the wrong area of your home or office. The science of Feng Shui attempts to correct these anomalies and ensure that you are living in constant harmony with nature.

Learning Feng Shui means learning how the energy of the environment around us can actually affect our lives, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The Institute of Vedic Astrology has put together a variety of learning and training formats for all kinds of students with different levels of needs and interests to learn Feng Shui and become masters of this mystical science.

We offer: Feng Shui diploma online in India. Feng Shui degree online. Feng Shui correspondence course online in India.

Feng Shui workshops online in India. Each course has been designed with the needs of basic as well as advanced learners. If you are a construction industry professional, IVA also conducts trainings on how Feng Shui can help enhance and enrich the services you offer to clients.

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Learning with our masters and gurus means getting the best possible knowledge in the most conducive and comprehensive course. So join our Feng Shui college online in India and benefit from the best learning and training facilities out there. Whether you are looking for a full time course or Feng Shui distance learning online in India, IVA is the name that you should be trusting.

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To know further about our courses and career options please write to us on email id admission ivaindia.Feng Shui degree online. No matter what the motivation behind your need, the Institute of Vedic Astrology is here with the best and most effective way for you to learn Feng Shui online in India — through its series of comprehensive courses and distance learning programs that cover the extensive knowledge that is part of this mystical ancient science.

Dreamstime To bring balance into your life, opt for an elephant picture or statue that is holding something, for instance, a crystal ball or any other such element.

Can the photos face each other or do they have to face away? Meanings are displayed in real Hindilanguage. It can help in reading daily newspaper in English.

Created: Sep 10, , IST facebooktwitterincom Feng Shui for singles Getty Images Have you been looking for love without success or you just can't seem to meet someone right for you?

In Feng Shui terms, it is also undermines your ability to attract and maintain a joyful and supportive romantic attachment.

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