PDF | On Dec 1, , Ivan Izquierdo and others published Freud e a neurobiologia da memória. 1Centro de Memória, ICS, Departamento de Bioquímica, Universidade Federal Do contributed by IVáN IzqUIERDO* Correspondence to: Dr. Iván Izquierdo. 29 ago. Memória, em homenagem ao Prof. Iván Antonio. Izquierdo, Sociedade. Brasileira de Neurociências e Comportamento (SBNeC). - FeSBE.

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Dr. Ivan Izquierdo – procurei nele um orientador; encontrei um amigo Colegas do Centro de Memória – trata-se não de um simples laboratório onde se faz. Alegre, BR-RS, 1. memória. 2. p38MAPK. 3. amígdala basolateral. 4. consolidação. 5. esquiva inibitória. I. Izquierdo,. Iván Antonio, orient. II. Título. A resposta a esta pergunta, que abrange muitos e diferentes aspectos, é o tema deste livro do renomado neurocientista Iván Izquierdo. A arte de esquecer.

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Only data from animals with correct cannulae implants were analyzed. All procedures were conducted in accordance with the 'Principles of laboratory animal care' NIH publication No. After recovery from surgery, animals were trained in step-down inhibitory avoidance as described in detail elsewhere4,27 and immediately after training,27 Figure 1 , or 5 min prior to testing 24 h later Figure 2 , they were infused bilaterally with 0.

This lowest dose of OA is known to selectively inhibit PP1; intermediate doses do not affect the activity of any known phosphatase, while the highest dose of OA selectively inhibits PP2A. Animals were tested for STM and LTM at 3h and 24h after training, respectively,27 and their latency to step-down from the platform onto the floor grid was measured automatically.

Upon placing their four paws on the grid they received a 0.

Figure 1. Effect of bilateral intrahippocampal infusions of OA at different concentrations 0. Asterisks indicate significant statistical difference at p Figure 2.

Effect of bilateral intrahippocampal infusions of OA on memory retrieval when given 15 min before test session. Columns indicate medians, and vertical lines indicate interquartile ranges of step-down latencies in seconds, of training TR and LTM test for each group. Asterisks indicate significant statistical difference at least at p To identify any unspecific side effects of the treatments on locomotor or exploratory activity we examined the effect of the doses of okadaic acid that significantly influenced memory on performance in an open-field task.

The animals' capacity of habituation to the novel environment a 50 cm high, 50 cm wide and 39 cm deep open-field made of plywood painted white , and their locomotion and rearing was measured during a 5-min session. Locomotion was evaluated by counting crossings of black lines drawn on the floor of the cbox that divided it into 12 equal rectangles.

Questiones Sobre Memoria (Ivan Izquierdo)

In order to detect habituation performance of crossings and rearings in the first half of the session 2. Only behavioral data from animals with correct cannulae placement was included in the final statistical analysis Kruskal Wallis test followed by Mann Whitney for comparison among groups , as confirmed by histological control of cannulae placement.

In addition, as shown in Figure 2, the two doses of okadaic acid that affected consolidation of the avoidance task had no effect on retrieval when given 5 min prior to the STM or the LTM test. Table 1 illustrates that none of the treatments affected locomotion or exploration or their habituation in a 5 min open field session.

Whether administered at the lower or at the higher dose, intrahippocampal OA given prior to retention testing had no effect on retrieval. Phosphatases, in particular calcineurin and PP1,25 have been suggested to act as inhibitory constraints to memory formation25 and, alternatively, to represent mechanisms of active forgetting. The importance of a degree of forgetting34,35 in order to establish new or important memories has been recently studied in detail,35 including its implications in terms of catabolic biochemical processes.

Nature Rev Neurosci ; Different molecular cascades in different sites of the brain control consolidation. Trends Neurosci ; Eur J Neurosci ; Neurosci ; Deletion of ERK2 mitogen-activated protein kinase identifies its key roles in cortical neurogenesis and cognitive function.

J Neurosci ; Biochem J ; Involvement of hippocampal PKCbI isoform in the early phase of memory formation of an inhibitory avoidance learning. Brain Res ; Holahan M, Routtenberg A. The protein kinase C phosphorylation site on GAP differentially regulates information storage.

Pharmacological Findings on the Biochemical Bases of Memory Processes: A General View

Hippocampus ; Riedel G, Platt B. From messengers to molecules. New York: Kluwer Academic; The impairment of long-term memory formation by the phosphatase inhibitor okadaic acid. Brain Res Bull ; Novel effects on memory observed following unilateral intracranial administration of okadaic acid, cyclosporine A, FK and [VeVal4]CyA.

Mansuy IM, Shenolikar S.

Trends Neurosci ; Nature ; Silent metaplasticity of the late phase of long-term potentiation requires protein phosphatases. Learn Mem ; Involvement of the CA3-CA1 synapse in the acquisition of associative learning in behaving mice.

Long‐term potentiation and the mechanisms of memory

J Neurosci ;No rat. Role of hippocampal signaling pathways in long-term memory formation of a nonassociative learning task in the rat.

Brain Res. Josue Chaves added it Jan 01, Brain Res Bull ; Modeling Professor.

Inter- the changes then transmitted from the hippocampus and estingly, neither the monoaminergic pathways nor their related structures to more distant areas of the brain cere- receptors, which are strongly linked to the consolidation bral cortex, Izquierdo et al. Recent findings support this proposal and indicate that, indeed, LTP and memory processes share many properties. PrPc modulates memory LTP, underlying other forms of plasticity in all the other consolidation in CA1 through an interaction with lami- brain areas mentioned, and that these mechanisms are nin Coitinho et al.

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