The Psp Ebook Creator converts any text file .txt) into a customizable formatted ebook that can be read on a psp (playstation portable). Customizable features. PSP ebook creator, free and safe download. PSP ebook creator latest version: Turn your PSP into an eBook library. PSP ebook creator allows you to make attractive ebooks you can read on your PlayStation Portable. While the PSP may not be the ideal reading device, adding .

Psp Ebook Creator

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Download PSP ebook creator Turn your PSP into an eBook library. psp ebook creator ( PSP E-book creator converts is a file converter for books for the PSP. What this application does is convert Psp Ebook Creator is a Home & Education software developed by DeskSoft. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure.

I will address a few other formats that are common, though. Let me begin by telling you the best way to get an eBook on your PSP besides reading one online.

It took a bit of experimentation before I figured out where to put files to make them easily accessible to the browser. And, it goes without saying that you have to have a big enough memory stick to fit the files you are copying over. One note on linked files, you can create your own index of books on your PSP with some really simple HTML, especially if you use a simple web page editor, such as Netscape Composer free download.

Just make links to the eBooks on a single page and call it ebooks.

You could even make that index your homepage. Anything to keep from using that damn PSP text input control!

That way you can suck down a copy of a website you would like to read on your PSP offline. When you are waiting in line somewhere or taking a trip preferably not when you are behind the wheel you can browse the site without having to have an Internet connection.

This is very good news for us, because we can browse offline files without using the extra battery power that the WiFi radio requires. Thanks, Sony.

Once your browser is started, use the directional buttons on the left of the PSP to navigate to the File menu item on the far left at the bottom of the browser. It looks like a white box with a row of three clear circles and a clear bar at the top of the box.

Click the X button and the File dropdown menu appears.

Click X again to select "Address Entry. The file protocol tells the browser to look for the page on the local file system instead of on the network. Next, just use the text entry controls to enter the file name of the eBook or index file you would like to access.

Remember to include the.

Finally move the cursor to the Enter key and press X. You should see the page load into the browser.

Anime converter for psp

If you are having trouble seeing the text, you can navigate over to the View menu item it looks like an "A" in a white box and select it. You will see a popup menu with "Text Size" as one of the options. If you select it you can set the text size to one of three presets: small, normal, or large. Alternatively, you can use an HTML editor to adjust the text size in the file so that it is easier for you to read.

Experiment with different sizes to suit your taste. To read your eBook, press the triangle button to make the browser fullscreen. The simplest navigational method is to use the Down Directional Button on the left side of the PSP while in fullscreen mode to move down approximately one screen at a time.

PSP ebook creator

There are several applications available for accomplishing this conversion, but I am going to give you a step-by-step walk-through of a free application called Text2HTML from CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc. I would recommend Firefox, since that is the base browser used on the PSP and there are many, many more reasons to be using Firefox over IE, as well.

Because the PSP browser will not read a Word. And since we are working with a version of Mozilla Firefox here, we will need to use another method of conversion. If you have a Word document and you use Word to access those files, just use the "Save As" option under the file menu and change the type to RTF.

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Take a look at the linked tutorial below for a step-by-step walk-through of the conversion process: View the Flash Tutorial You might want to change the name of the file to something short and descriptive remember, doing this plays to our PSP Text Entry Avoidance Strategy. If you will be creating an index page for your eBooks, a nice name is less important.

I thought of another idea, its brighter this haha. How about reading ebooks through PSP? Its feasible though.

I looked for a software and stumbled at a blog. I reposted his instructions here and edited some. He listed 4 different ways: 1.

Save the ebook as html file. Copy the content of the pdf format manually and paste it in MS Word. Name it in a way that it will be easily typed and remembered since you'll have to type it in your psp like, x. Your drive name can be f: or g:.

Unable usb mode in your PSP after transfer. Go to the 'Internet Browser' of your psp. Click 'no' if asked to connect to the internet. Press triangle and go to 'Tools' the toolbox icon. Set cache setting to 'Do not use' and ok.

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Your file will load now. The problem with this is that when you have long ebook, error will occur due to less virtual memory. And you cannot bookmark them, it starts from the top everytime you open it. It's tiring to browse long pages. You can upload the pdf file in your e-mail address and open it using a PSP with internet connection. There won't be problem with the low memory. But of course, it needs active internet connection. You can't read your e-book while riding a bus.

It's free! Install it in your desktop. Plug PSP to desktop and enable usb mode. Run ebook creator. With this application, you can instantly preview your ebook in the PSP image found at the center as you personalize the view portrait or landscape , fonts and font color, background color and headers.

I suggest you use dirty white background with black Georgia font in 12 pt. It takes time to convert the txt file to jpeg.Anything to keep from using that damn PSP text input control! Thanks, Sony. This means that it contains a version 2. It will teach you how to use bookr. But, to my dismay, the letters were small to read.

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