PDF | On Oct 1, , C A Dunlavy and others published Technological Change: The The Evolution of Technology by George Basalla. Cambridge Core - History of Science - The Evolution of Technology - by George Basalla. George Basalla, University of Delaware . PDF; Export citation. The evolution of technology. by: George Basalla urn:acs6: evolutionoftechn00basa:pdfdf3d1cabd89e1ad25e.

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Technological Change The Evolution of Technology by George Basalla Review by: Colleen A. Dunlavy Science, New Series, Vol. , No. (Sep. 1, ). This book presents an evolutionary theory of technological change based upon recent scholarship in the history of technology and upon relevant material drawn . MB THE EVOLUTION OF TECHNOLOGY GEORGE BASALLA As Pdf, THE. EVOLUTION GEORGE OF TECHNOLOGY BASALLA As Docx, EVOLUTION.

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His treatmentof noveltyand selection lacksthe rigor that markshis treatmentof continuity,yielding little more than a cata- logue of relevantfactors. The study might TechnologicalChange have been more convincing had he made betteruse of the recentliterature,provideda fullerbibliography not to mention regular The Evolution of Technology.

CambridgeUniversityPress, New York, and, on the other, from a tendency to sues and authors in a less cursoryfashion.

CambridgeHistory of confuse technological changes with their Yet a deeperproblemwould haveremained. When one focuses on the sallahas in effectmade a strawman of the For the better part of a century, two proper unit of analysis, the artifact,one finds revolutionaryperspective:since no artifacts broadly divergent perspectives have oriented "technological continuity," even in those have emerged without any antecedents scholarship on the nature of modern techno- momentous changes that ushered in the whatsoever,it follows that none qualifiesas logical change.

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The "revolutionary" view Industrial Revolution in Britain. To my knowledge,however, provided the initial point of departure, first Yet, in order for change to occur, "novel- no one has ever definedthe term "revolu- attaining academic stature in Arnold Toyn- ty," in Basalla'swords, "must find a way to tion" in such a way as to requirecomplete bee's lectures on the Industrial Revolution assert itself in the midst of the continuous.

And to make mattersworse, Then in the s an "evolution- And, as he amply demonstrates, technologi- Basallahimselfacknowledgesthat some arti- ary" perspective began to emerge as an cal novelty has had manifold sources, above facts-"seminalinventions,"he callsthem- intellectual counterforce. Over the years, the all in Western societies.

The Evolution of Technology

Most are familiar have been more important than others. Constant II, Paul A.

The contributors also include distinguished experts from associated disciplines. Ziman wrote several chapters himself and coordinated the entire enterprise. The book opens with six essays on the nature of, and problems concerning, evolutionary thinking about technology.

At this point Ziman announces a crucial decision, namely, that for simplicity's sake the book will stress the evolution of tangible cultural objects such as "swords, cathedrals, turbojets, and pharmaceutical products" p. He and his authors know that material artifacts are embedded in a social context, but they place that context in the background.

As a result, they do not attempt to merge evolutionism with systems thinking or social constructivism.

The Evolution of Technology

Part 1 deals with several key issues. Should the evolutionary analogy be based on Darwinism or Lamarckianism? Perhaps the analogy should not be biological at all but merely emphasize the primacy of selectionism? Might philosopher Donald T. Campbell's evolutionary epistemology offer a better starting point than Darwin's theory of organic evolution?Given enough slightly nutty inventors and designers, there will be a wide variety of options on which selection can operate.

Famous inventions were never original, unique, unprecedented acts of pure magic that fell out of the sky, like acts of God. Instead of ending with a final essay, Ziman reassembled the contributors and asked them to draw conclusions from the book's twenty-one chapters. It is clear that Logo, with its in-built Turtle graphics, can take its place as a mature and sophisticated language able to express succinctly and logi cally any concepts its users require.

Interestingly, anything that can be done by use of formulae can be done recursively but not vice versa, so the Logo method of drawing makes a more general method of working possible.

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