2 days ago Download site site and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod eBooks (including those with narration) that you have downloadd on. Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming video from your library using OverDrive on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. More than 30, libraries worldwide. This will automatically open the file, and allow you to read it on your iPad. Note that your PDF book won't be saved.

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Read any good books lately? It's easy on your iPad or iPhone. Want to read more books on your iPad or iPhone? In short, Marvin can read DRM-free ebooks (epub format) and comics (cbx, cbr formats). Free ebooks for iBooks. First thing you may want to check out after getting a new iPad or iPhone is the availability of free books for iBooks app.

Without switching the screen, you can see how many stars each book has earned and read a brief synopsis.

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The list. Searching the site store is just a click away. The site App has continued to expand and add features over the years. I've been using the site app for years and it is my preferred e-reader app. Well, there are so many, but mainly I like that I can obtain a book immediately and it doesn't take up any more space in my small house. I have all of my books available to me wherever I am so that I can read whatever I want wherever I want.

No more wishing I would have brought a different book or finishing a book and not having another. When at the grocery store, I can look at a recipe in one of my many cookbooks on site to see what I need to download to make it.

8 sources of free books for iBooks

Backlighting, font, and size options mean I can read even if I've forgotten my reading glasses or have difficulty reading the publisher's chosen font. Even if I have a physical version of a book, I often also get a site version.

Searching is either of a book title when in the library or specific content from within a book only. I would like to be able to search for specific content or content that I've highlighted or bookmarked within a collection or even the whole library. I have so many site books now that I sometimes have trouble remembering where I've seen some content, as I often have quite a few books on one subject.

Also, I would like to have more options for arranging my books. Physical books I can arrange on a shelf in any order I please. That cannot be done with the site app. Until the site App I could never finish a book. However when my daughter told me about the site App and how I could make the print larger, change the background and text color, look up statistics about each character when they are first introduced into the story and who they were, and where in the book they appear each time I was anxious to try it.

All it took was ONE book and I was hooked. I would finish EVERY book I started just because reading - period - was just so pleasant since I had the settings tailored to my liking - black background with white or sepia letters and large print in column style.

A physical book was a completely different story for me. My eyes tired quickly and would start stinging even with my reading glasses.

At the end of each book you get suggestions for more books like the one you just read. I highly recommend the site App! Requires iOS Especially devices with a high-resolution retina display.

How to transfer ebooks and PDF documents to iPad, iPhone an iPod Touch?

The choice of fonts and font sizes is a favourite feature. While you can download and download books from the iBooks store, the big advantage of the app is that you can add any free ebook in epub format to your library.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac — Free 3. For some reason, it is not as popular as other apps, but it is worth investigating. But it takes a bit of hunting to find the app you need. You can get Google Play Books for Android. Or for Apple users, there is an iOS version. There is also a Chrome extension available for desktop reading on Mac and PC.

Kobo Kobo has been around for a long time now and has a lot of happy readers. The ebook apps are excellent, and along with the extensive range of titles on the Kobo bookstore, you can open epub files if you have access to free ebooks.

Let’s add ebooks to iBook

Another plus is that the Kobo app is available for almost any device or computer. But it still has a lot of faithful users, and it is a solid reading app. It is an epub and pdf reader with some facility to hook up to free libraries. You can also import your own ebook files. If you are a member of a library, this app might be for you. It has over 2 million eBooks, audiobooks, and videos and is linked to 30, public libraries in over 40 countries.

To get started you need to install the Libby app. Freda Freda is a contraction of a free reading app.

It has bookmarks, annotations and highlighting and there is text-to-speech for anyone who has trouble reading on a screen. Freda is ad-supported, but the ads only show on the bookshelf, so it is not too intrusive.

If you are looking to read the latest New York Times bestseller, this is not the app for you. But it is a good all-round free reading app. Available for Android and PC — Free 9.

Calibre Calibre is not only an ebook reader. It is a full suite of ebook editing and formatting tools.

How to transfer ebooks and PDF documents to iPad, iPhone an iPod Touch?

Sure, you can read almost any ebook with Calibre, but its real forte is in preparing ebooks for publishing.This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. This app will help you unzip the archive transferred. To turn the page, tap on the left or right edges of the screen. Audio Books Pro. You also cannot sell used eBooks; ownership is yours only, and cannot be transferred.

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You can also download e-reader cases with built-in lighting, or clip-on lights for your e-reader. Our non-DRM eBooks are embedded with personalized watermarks that help us identify any unauthorized copies found online.

Read CNET's thorough overview on choosing an e-reader. You can also add the PDF files to your iPad via dragging and dropping the documents from the PC folder directly to the right-hand side of the open CopyTrans Apps window.

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